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Collier County Florida

Sole Source Certification


Sole Source Letter

Dear Collier County,
We certify that Carbotura Zero-Fill services are unique and a proprietary service that is not available from any other company or vendor. Our Service is based on our proprietary technology, known as the Recyclotron, it is capable of recycling 100% of unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW) and converting it into valuable materials, all while achieving zero-emissions and has a carbon negative footprint.
Carbotura Zero-Fill services provides a turn-key solution that requires no investment from the customer. We provide all the capital, operations, and maintenance for the duration of the contract. The service is charged at competitive rates per ton of waste elimination, and clients can qualify for annual rebates of up to 100% of any fees for zero-cost waste elimination. This is because Carbotura monetizes the climate credits and materials sales, which are attributed to the client, and applies them as part of the rebate.
Our technology is self-powered and does not require external power or water, making it the most efficient and cost-effective solution for waste management. Carbotura Zero-Fill service also creates jobs and saves money for municipalities and corporations.
Carbotura has evidence of successful implementations of the proposed components elsewhere in the United States and around the world for similar waste streams. This includes over 1,753,000 Operating production process hours, 75 application use cases proven by Fortune 1000 companies, more than 25 installations in commercial plants across industries including food, military, aerospace mining, and nuclear industries. The first systems of this type were deployed in 1977 pioneering molecular recycling. In 2006, the first 4-ton per hour multiphase reactor was commissioned for service. In 2020, Gravitas Infinitum launched “Carbotura” as a division, and announced the “ZeroFillÔ” service. The service has now been incepted for deployment in several client locations around the world.
We are confident that our Service is the best solution for your waste management needs. We have attached our Company Profile and a Preliminary Briefing document for your review and consideration. We would be happy to provide any additional information as part of a more in-depth briefing at your convenience. Thank you for considering Carbotura Zero-Fill services as your waste management solution. Sincerely,
Allen Witters
Chairman, Carbotura


Carbotura Zero-Fill Services offer numerous advantages for municipalities, including the following:

Business Advantages:

Zero-cost waste elimination with annual rebates available
Reduced operational and disposal costs.
Opportunity for revenue generation through the sale of recycled materials and climate credits
Long-term contracts provide long-term planning and stability.
No upfront capital investment required.
Carbotura provides all capital, operations, and maintenance.

Environmental Advantages:

Achieving zero-waste and circularity goals
Zero-emissions and carbon capture
Atmospheric carbon capture to combat climate change.
Elimination of waste to landfills and reduction in associated environmental impacts.
Reduced carbon footprint and increased sustainability.
Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Technical Advantages:

Integration of industrial multiphase microwave reactors and thermal and non-thermal microwave plasma reactors
Self-powered using a gas turbine generator with a microwave plasma reactor processing exhaust gasses for a zero-emissions, zero-waste process
Able to handle large package formats, bales, whole tires, sludge, and any type of waste, without sorting
Scalable to exceptionally large sizes up to 10,000TPD
2-3x more efficient than any other method
No external power or water required

Political Advantages:

Reduction in waste management-related complaints and issues from constituents
Positive public relations associated with being a leader in waste management innovation and sustainability.
Increased ability to meet and exceed environmental regulations and targets
Meeting and exceeding circular economy and zero-waste goals set by local and national governments
Increased competitiveness and attractiveness to businesses and residents seeking sustainable communities.
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