Waterbury Connecticut

Economic Impact Report: Waterbury Connecticut

Summary Economic Impact Report

Economic Impact Report: Proposed ZeroFill 100% Regenesis Facility by Carbotura, Waterbury, Connecticut

Executive Summary

Carbotura, a pioneering company in waste Regenesis (waste remanufacturing), is planning to invest up to $250,000,000 in building a ZeroFill 100% Regenesis facility in Waterbury, Connecticut. This facility is projected to permanently employ approximately 100 individuals, with an average salary of $100,000. The proposed operation prides itself on zero-emissions and zero-waste, providing a 100% diversion rate. This innovative venture is expected to offer significant economic benefits to the city of Waterbury.

Direct Economic Impact

1. Employment and Earnings:

Construction Phase: The construction of the facility is estimated to employ 150 local tradespeople and construction workers. The average construction worker in Connecticut earns $58,000 per year. Over the estimated two-year construction period, the direct payroll impact on the local economy will be $17,400,000.
Operational Phase: Upon completion, the facility is expected to employ 100 individuals full-time, with an average salary of $100,000. Over a five-year period, this would introduce $10,000,000 annually and a total of $50,000,000 into the local economy.

2. Revenue Generation:

The facility, once operational, is projected to generate revenues of $161,000,000 annually. Over five years, this would contribute a substantial total of $805,000,000. This revenue will not only directly bolster the local economy, but it will also indirectly support the financial stability of the company and its employees.

Indirect Economic Impact

The indirect impacts, also known as the multiplier effects, are derived from the expenditure of the direct impact.

1. Business Activity:

The increased income due to employment and revenues will stimulate further business activity. This includes increased demand for local goods and services, benefiting a wide range of local businesses. The total indirect impact over five years can be conservatively estimated to be 50% of the direct impacts, adding an additional $527,500,000.

2. Household Spending:

Increased employment will raise household incomes leading to higher consumer spending. From groceries to housing, retail purchases, and healthcare, this facility's presence will indirectly boost spending in the local economy. Based on typical multipliers, this could add another 15% to the direct impacts, or approximately $158,250,000 over five years.

3. Government Revenues:

The facility will contribute to government revenues in the form of taxes - income taxes from high-wage employees, sales taxes from increased local spending, and property taxes for the new facility. This increase in government revenue can lead to improved public services and infrastructure.

Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact

1. Environmental Sustainability:

The facility aligns with sustainable development goals, providing both environmental and economic benefits. As a zero-emissions and zero-waste facility with 100% diversion, it sets a new benchmark for environmental stewardship. It reduces landfill usage, mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. This can improve the local quality of life and potentially increase tourism, contributing to the economy further.

2. Community Development Funds and Rebates (Not included in impact analysis):

Carbotura’s community fund creations and rebates can decrease the city's waste management costs significantly, freeing up funds for other community projects.
The proposed size of the facility is 800 Tons Per Day, the annual rebate for this is estimated to be $21,900,000. This can bring waste elimination cost to Zero.
We will review contributing up to 50% of our taxable profits into a local community fund, this may reach as high as $13,800,000 annually.

3. Skill Development:

The facility can be a hub for skill development in the growing field of sustainable waste management, leading to the creation of high-skilled jobs and enhancing the human capital of the city.


Over a five-year period, the total estimated economic impact (direct, indirect, and induced impacts) from Carbotura's proposed ZeroFill 100% Regenesis Facility in Waterbury, Connecticut, is a remarkable $1,740,750,000. This figure is a conservative estimate, and the actual impact could be much higher when considering long-term environmental benefits and cost savings. With its significant potential for job creation, revenue generation, and sustainable development, this facility would provide a major economic boost to Waterbury.
Analysis Date: 7/1/2023

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